V/A – Beat Garden Compilation 2

GERGAZ netlabel is celebrating its 4th year of existence and bringing you another exclusive compilation, the follow up of the BEAT GARDEN released last year. Once again the compilation is putting together talented producers and beat makers from all around the world. Side by side you will find here names like Anthony Drawn, Julien Mier, Mute Speaker, Foolk, oddlogic, Vlooper, Melodiesinfonie, Zack Christ, Stratasoul, Karaoke Tundra along with many others and remixes from Jimmy Pé and GLGN.

“GERGAZ (Slovakia) has consistently pushed boundaries in the future beats realm, and this was my favorite comp of the year in the genre. Worthy of being 25 tracks long, with great tunes from both those well-known within the scene and relative newcomers.” (Create Digital Music/Motion)

“Tunnel vision and lack of spare time can sometimes beat down on you, leading to burnout and what I’ve started calling the physical blue screen of death – where you just shut down without warning owing to some secret internal virus that doesn’t show up on any drive scans. In London, everyone’s very much got to have their own grind and being focused and putting in the work helps people achieve those goals and get days where it’s just all ear to ear smiles and a glowing sense of achievement. Thats why people spend hours doing things for free, making podcasts for the love of it or, in this case, compiling 25 track long netlabel compilations. The GERGAZ from Slovakia is celebrating it’s 4th anniversary with Beat Garden Vol. 2 which features a glut of beat producers who you’ve probably seen about the internet, somewhere. Names like Zack Christ, oddlogic, Julien Mier and Je$u$ all contribute strong tracks with lesser known names like Mute Speaker and Melodiesinfonie stealing a little bit of the limelight with their own unique constructions. Even if you’re just skim flicking through the beats they’ll make enough of an impression for you to reset, download and digest them all properly. Obviously, there’s 25 of the fuckers, so it’ll take a minute to find the particular pieces to latch onto but it’s a very strong statement from a netlabel thats been quietly putting in the extra man hours for a few years now” (Sonic Router)

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