Jimmy Pé – Fairy Tale

Almost a year after the Passengers EP, released via GERGAZ and Outlier Recordings, Jimmy Pé is reminding himself with new Fairy Tale EP. Again, GERGAZ teamed up with US Outlier Recordings to share the release on both labels. The EP includes two remastered versions of older tracks Mexico and Don Barzini originally released on Outlier’s compilations, with lead single Fairy Tale and bonus remixes by Anthony Drawn, Je$u$, Mute Speaker and Oddlogic.

“Jimmy Pé, a beatmaker and good jams dude from Slovakia has given us quite the good little EP. Three originals with four remixes of Fairy Tale (including one from Waxhole favorite Je$u$), and a great video of the tune Don Barzini which shows that old people can be fun too…regardless of the old person smell. Jimmy’s been on the blog before thanks to THiNK goin down that Soundcloud rabbit hole and the catalogue between then and now (and prior) has all been stellar. One could say (me, specifically) that he hasn’t been posted enough! But to the EP at hand, Fairy Tale, being released off of netlabel Gergaz gives you forward thinking sounds with the title track, along with dark and melodic beats (that Anthony Drawn remix), and in the case of Don Barzini, a light and airy tune (especially when coupled with the video). The tune Mexico is also a great one that could be a chopped up soundtrack to Once Upon A Time In Mexico and so therefore it fits without fitting…if that even makes sense. Whatever the case Jimmy’s done so so well with this EP and while we rip through it all and enjoy it thoroughly, we can only hope a full length will be coming as well.” (Waxhole Records)

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