Je$u$ – Schleifen

Je$u$ aka Heyzus Kannibalismus is a German beatmaker who has an obvious talent for production. It quickly became obvious that this guy is an absolute machine. His beats have been featured on a number of compilations, he has a mixtape of his own as well as a plethora of hugely impressive singles . The instrumentals are identifiable, on point and have that old school feel that is so often strived for but so difficult to capture.

“Heyzus Kannibalismus, also known under the moniker Je$u$, has offered up a lovely collection of productions for the Gergaz Netlabel on the Schleifen EP. Containing a vintage sound that bridges raw 90′s driven hip hop rhythms with choice cuts from various eras and decades, small pockets of different locations around the world can be felt in the identity and character of each track. Ball room music, Bollywood original scores and the vibrant era of 60′s soul jazz are just a few of the worlds you can expect to collide under the heart of the bass and drum. When analyzing producers who are using vintage sounds like this, only a handful come to mind and very few reach the level of brilliance that Je$u$ has displayed on the Schleifen EP. Ready, set and begin…” (read more on SoundColourVibration)

“The word “schleifen” is German for the verb, “sharpen” or “grind”. Fitting, because the enigmatic German beatmaker Je$u$ (Hayzus Kannibalismus) always seems to take fine slivers of jazz and world music samples in order make melodic collages that are a class above. And it’s the melodies that make you come back to these six songs, while the groove hold you like a firm grip.” (Groove Loves Melody)

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