GERGAZ is back with A Better Place, an EP by My Kingdom

After a little while GERGAZ is back with A Better Place, an EP by russian producer My Kingdom. His music as well as this debut EP combines dreamy downtempo moods and melancholy atmospheres with beats, bass music and electronica. My Kingdom is one-man project, 2014 RBMA Bass Camp Moscow participant and currently Moscow resident, Alexander Ponomarev. He is also “the man on synths” in Haarps’s touring band.

At an early age he spent a lot of time listening to local electronic music pirate radio stations. Later on began creating his own tunes and experimenting with genres using various pseudonyms. Inspired by Northern nature and obsessed with synthesizers Alexander started My Kingdom in 2012. His music combines dreamy IDM, downtempo, beats and bass music.

The EP includes a cooperation track entitled Stolen Love with vocalist Jekka.

Here is some background that she shared with us: “Sasha and I met at a gig we had together in Powerhouse Moscow, where he was playing with his project HAARPS and I was playing my own live set. After a while we connected through facebook and he asked whether I would be interested in singing on one of his tracks for the upcoming EP. When he sent me the track I immediately felt the melancholy atmosphere and emotion which in turn connected with my own at the time, the intricate arpeggios and the slow beat with minimalistic pads really appealed to me.”


“The first take that I sang was pretty much the foundation of the vocal which is heard on the finished track, I wanted to make them seem very fragile, on the verge of breaking, as if they can disappear very easily with the blow of the wind. The lyrics came to me after I had a lot of conversations on love, fidelity, monogamy with my friends and I imagined the idea of love like a treasure, like a trophy which someone stole from a faraway castle, some greedy king who then came to his senses and realised that it’s not his to keep and he has to let it go even though it will bring him sorrow.”

jekka (1)

A Better Place is available as Name Your Price download via Bandcamp. The EP is also being released on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, Xbox Music, and YouTube.

Artwork by Luca Picardi
Mastered by Gargle & Expel
Mixed by My Kingdom